Wednesday Adult Bible Study- Pastor is teaching a Bible study on
Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30.  We encourage you to join us for
the study and fellowship, come out and feed your faith!  We will meet in
the middle school building directly across the road from the church.

If you have an interest or desire to help out with our Puppet ministry,
please see Pastor or Debbie Gibson.  We are having so much fun
preparing for this exciting ministry!  We could use your extra hands!!

Don't forget Sunday evening Bible Study at 6:00pm, taught by Jim Bise

We are excited to have David Ring coming to Fellowship Church.  He will
speak at our Christmas Dinner on Saturday, December 9th at 5:00pm
and again in the Sunday morning worship service at 11:00am.  Our
Christmas Dinner will be a potluck.  Please sign up on the list!

The prayer list is being updated.  If you have a prayer request, please
give it to Dona, drop it in the offering plate or the prayer basket on the
back table or you can email it to Dona at

Note- Please give the Pastor at least 24 hour advance notice of
anyone going into the hospital (if possible) so he can pray and visit
with you.